World of windsor. SPRING/SUMMER 2017

Dress up.

This season’s dresses are a true homage to femininity. They add fuel to the brimming anticipation of the summer to come. Our favourites are delightfully light, beautifully uncomplicated and wonderfully feminine and delicate.Experience your feminine side – with soft, flowing fabrics and colours to suit your every mood: from mellow to vivacious.

  • 1+3 Dress DE520H 10000736-275
  • 2 Dress DE513H 10002786-410
  • 4 Dress DE510 10002702-685
  • 5 Dress DE525 10002702-660
  • 6 Dress DE524H 10000731-665

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Blazers for every business.

The blazer still plays a special role in corporate fashion. It has a style that shapes the look as a whole. The current lines at windsor. are casual, the silhouettes are soft and the fabrics hail from topnotch Italian manufacturers such as Loro Piana and Agnona.Without words, this standard of quality conveys the message that permits everything we do: mediocrity is taboo, and so all the nuances of colour are also remarkably beautiful.

  • 1 Blazer DSE519 10002712-685
  • 2 Blazer DS525 10002715-120
  • 3 Blazer DS508 10002706-410
  • 4 Blazer DS530H 10001376-410
  • 5 Blazer DS507 10002717-110
  • 6 Blazer DS530H 10002571-265

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Perfect couples.

Shirt, dress, knitwear, skirt, trousers, shoes – sounds like the ABC of packing for a mini break. Indeed, wherever the journey takes you, you’ll be right on the money with these looks.Yet, infused with classic style, this selection surpasses expectations with its soft, flowing materials and the trusted windsor. quality. This is how basics become extras.

  • 1 Blazer DP522 10002610-411
  • 2 Pants DHE528 10002702-410
  • 3 Slippers 7944
  • 4 Blouse DB521H 10000731-110
  • 5 Skirt DR521 10002701-410
  • 6 Sandals 7943
  • 7 Top DB514H 10002784-100
  • 8 Belt DG503 10003046-420
  • 9 Pants DHE517 10002702-410
  • 10 Bag DAC515 10003046-420

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Facing the sun in style.

“Design starts in the mind and comes from the heart.” – Sven Götti has been designing his understated, perfectly crafted and technologically sophisticated glasses according to this maxim for almost a quarter of a century now. The triad of tradition, innovation and distinct simplicity is something that has always fascinated windsor.So the decision to collaborate with Götti was only logical. The special-editions WRIGHT and WILLEY aviators are available exclusively in-store at windsor. Call off the search – pure, linear design is right here!
Sunglasses Willey

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